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Helen O'Grady Africa Director receives two international awards

South Africa
06 December

Congratulations Alan Montanaro, our African Director and Principal of the Malta Academy for international recognition for the incredible work you do!

The Malta branch of the international Helen O’Grady Academy was recently presented with two awards for ‘Best Practice in Creative Education’ and ‘Excellence in the delivery of 21st Century Life Skills’. The honours were presented by Multan Matters and the international Trainers Resource Group (TRG) and Talent Experts International in Karachi, Pakistan.

The event was attended by distinguished guests from the fields of education and business, including Shahrukh Masood of the Martin Dow Group and Martin Dawson from the British High Commission in Karachi.

In a short address, the marketing manager for the group, Maria Shaikh, reiterated the importance of excellent communication skills as being an essential tool for success. “Communication is a basic life skill and if children are taught this at an early age, they go on to become strong confident leaders,” she said.

Alan Montanaro, director of the international Helen O’Grady Academy for Malta and Africa, thanked the distinguished guests before embarking on an impassioned talk on assertive communication and 21st century life skills.

“Critical thinking, collaboration, communication and

creativity are just four crucial abilities students need to succeed in a world that is changing day by day”, he said. “Indeed, creative thinkers will be our next generation of leaders.”

Montanaro congratulated the Helen O’Grady Academy in Pakistan for being at the forefront of creative education for the empowerment of young minds all over the country and looked forward to further collaborations.

Source: https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/malta-branch-helen-o-grady-academy-clinches-two-international-awards.999298?fbclid=IwAR2eeCy7QyjSj8d-Fk_PuptCMXiNfXsL8g0ve8VPBdIFExVN6yx0l-sHkdg

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