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Garden Route
10 June

We have been running regular Drama Workshops, promoting confidence and communication skills, in Oudtshoorn.  There has been some extreme weather recently!  Through floods, extreme cold and even roads left destroyed, we continued with our drama workshop for the month of June in Oudtshoorn.  Nothing could stop these students from missing their dose of drama on Saturday!

We had the best time, and even had an informal presentation to show off some of the skills that we have learnt!  Parent and friends were most impressed!

Thank you to these superstars - your commitment is beautiful.  

There will be more monthly workshops in Term 3 - we cannot wait.

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""It's amazing to think how his confidence has grown since he started with you 4 years ago. I have only good things to say about your Academy and we thank you for including and accommodating both the boys.""

- Port Elizabeth Mom